Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new GA office

last time i designed an office HQ where the client was my employer it was a disaster! it was blue and yellow... and cherry... and black... and had funny lighting. but hey, gimme a break i was 21 then!

this time round i had to make sure it had as little color as possible, simple but expressive, calm but sharp. anyway photos right?

current status

no caption... no drama...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


voltron, naruto, carebears, mighty orbots... gundam wing... ben10... dungeons and dragons...

name it they have it!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

moving on...

after almost 2 months of missing the guys at the Philippine army (absence due to military exercise) i had decided to move and train in another camp.

well since i am already doing this might as well do it with the best right?!

noticed my cardio was so off! i wouldnt want to jump back into muay thai just yet, so i plan to train a few weeks of just exclusively boxing for now... also started to get serious in combining foods and counting calories.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Had the opportunity to shoot this lovely little finnish girl "blanka" for NOKIA-SIEMENS NETWORK. She was camera shy but once she started warming up was able to take some very good shots!

cheers to the her dad ADAM for their time and for getting blanka ready

shot with a Canon 550d and a jurassic 70-210mm 4.0

Monday, February 28, 2011

George Carlin The Ten Commandments Broken Down

I do not share the same views as george carlin, but he does raise some pretty debatable issues

3 young filipino architects(architectural group) to watch out for

The practice of architecture in the Philippines is currently undergoing a revolution, with the impending threat of globalization and the new trends in materials and systems brought about by the need for sustainability, the field as we know it is now a battleground for survival. Architects either have to evolve to keep up or stagnate and lose their edge.

"Modern" is a word thrown around a lot during design meetings, the Clientele much like the society they thrive in has become dynamic. The advent of the matrix has made the world smaller and our tastes are no longer confined to what is available locally, Filipinos have acquired a new taste for all things global, not only with food, fashion, media, the arts and with that architecture as well, will never be the same!

Gone are the days when architects can play it safe! Personally I don’t think I will ever design another Mediterranean house ever again.

Among the run-off-the-mill architects practicing locally below are 3 examples which for me bests embodies the future of Philippine architecture:

JAGNUS DESIGN group – People know little about this group but, Man! these guys are fucking sick! Their pilot project the RONAC Art Center in San Juan is a statement! Sculptural, Bold, and to put it simple is a massive piece of art itself such a good example of “form follows function”. Hopefully their recent exposure on BLUPRINT’s December cover story would do them well.


JASON BUENSALIDO – This Board top-notcher kicks ED Calma’s ass regularly in design competitions, yes ED Calma, not ES Calma! Barely 30 years old this kid is a radical thinker constantly outdoing himself every time. His style interestingly is blatantly loud but at the same time practices constraint in such a delicate balance. I would personally like to see Jason be commissioned to design bigger projects our cityscape needs a drastic makeover!

KASOY HOUSE – from B+A facebook page

ANGELO MAƑOSA – Dinos Manosa may have taken charge of his father’s practice, but for me I think its Gelo who will carry the torch his father will abandon once he officially retires. Dinos continues the firm in the way his father had run it before him, but its Gelo who among the siblings who as much as he was influenced by his father’s signature Filipino style maintains his own personality in his designs. Glad that we still have architects like the 2nd generation Manosas who still hold on to classic Philippine architecture, sometimes we don’t need something new when we can take something were used to and adapt it to the present. An Old solution to a New problem, an Old approach to the new Future.

UFC 127 BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch (Gracie Breakdown)

UFC 127 great fights! now understand it better

Sunday, February 27, 2011

putting the ipad stylus to better use

Designer Cakes by my wifey!


guys i'd greatly appreciate it of you can please like "because i love cakes'" facebook page

its my wife's new business/hobby

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody Trailer

judging from the preview, its better than all the previous scooby doo movies... COMBINED!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jorge Rivera dissing micheal bisping UFC 127 primer

R.I.P Benguet building

The Benguet building as National Artist Arch Leandro Locsin had Envisioned it

photo taken 3 weeks ago 

The Benguet Building on ortigas CBD was one of the earliest iconic works of the late National artist Architect Leandro Locsin, during the time he designed its architecture, Locsin had created a 2 dimensional style signature where on 1 face of the facade buildings would be massive and monolithic and not have windows. Color, proportion, function and space were all inspired by the stepped rice terraces of the north. The Benguet Center WAS a perfect example of how interiors and architecture are designed with the superstructure. It was built during a time when FILIPINO architecture was PURE and can be defined and was not subject to today's debate where as to what constitutes the filipino character in architecture?

"philippines would've been a singapore if....." - marcos jr

whole article

Sorry bongbong but not every filipino is ilocano!

heres my take on it: If People Power did not happen that faithful day of Feb 25 1986, most likely the marcoses would have amassed a fortune equivalent to singapore's wealth today!

let us not forget how your parents pillaged and killed. Sorry but the "Marcos" family name will forever bear dictator and thief in every breath it would ever be mentioned.

after teaching charlie the armbar... next lesson will be kimuras

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pusong mamon

TAPSIBLOG entry # 1

It always bugs me how filipinos would immediately cry foul and great injustice at the slightest hint of negativity thrown at our great nation and proud race, when we are practically god damn racist to the core ourselves... You dont believe me? ha! Hear me out

Im sure everybody still remembers that poor korean girl who was impersonating a "filipino english teacher" well although not funny even in a comedic sense, but do we really need to clip it, post it on you-tube and rally for simpathy on facebook demanding for a public apology? poor girl must've been scared shitless from the comments posted on the video which were of course, by the hand of our kababayans was a complete smorgasbord of anti-korean context. I'd do her... Yessssiiirrrreeeee! although off-topic!

Not yet convinced?

how many times have you been in a conversation about a chinese person AND.... I mother fucking guarantee it....100% of the time at some point of the conversation it'll go: "instik kasi eh!" whether were talking about their good sense of business, their inherent cheapness, or the known fact that that chinese person is dabbling in the art of illegal trading, he has already been pre-branded as such... "instik." Actually they prefer to be called "chinoys," because that's what they are: filipino-chinese! they take pride in being filipino and being chinese at the same time. The word "intsik" itself is offensive it means: "nothing," "zilch" or if my very limited knowledge of hokkien is correct.... "walang kwenta!" how we began to refer to them as such? I dont know... Maybe its the same reason we call indians "bumbay?" its a god damn city! are we really that dumb? They do have a very colorful culture and ive NEVER met an indian guy i never liked, they are very hardworking people something we very much share with them. Does the darker skin make them lesser beings? My highschool history teacher did have a pretty good theory: its the spanish conquistador's faults they hard wired our brains and society into thinking: white man - good, brown man - bad. That said... I have an even better theory on why we let the royal armada into our country and shit in our backyard for more than a hundred years... Its because of spanish women! What indio would not want a mestiza piece of ass during those times? again back to my point earlier about indians... That's what we were to the spaniards: indians!

Filipinos are not only racist to other peoples but racist to themselves as well. One good example: how many times have you heard somebody use "BISAYA!" in context that was very offensive? Its either your bisaya yourself or you live outside of metro manila if you havent heard somebody defile the word. but its been used many times to mean: baduy and even uneducated among other things. I guess manilenos who do this have never set foot in cebu... Which is a very beautiful and progressive place! People there are very warm, contented and laid back. Cebuanos dont care about the razzle-dazzle that goes around in manila they are happy to be so far from the mess. How i wish every filipino was bisaya... we would probably get more stuff done in congress if it was such.

Filipinos as a people suffer from a really bad case of inferiority complex, we simply arent proud to be filipino that's why we get so affected by teri hatcher asking for the credentials of her attending filipino physician. Weve been treated shit for so long thats all we ever know, how to be treated like shit and how to treat other people like shit. Our lack of racial pride... for me at least, is the cancer that has plagued our society for decades. We simply lack the capacity to act as a nation and even care for our fellow countrymen and most importantly for what we are!

I am definitely not saying i know better than everyone else, the reason im ranting now is maybe because im not so different after all!