Monday, January 17, 2011

Pusong mamon

TAPSIBLOG entry # 1

It always bugs me how filipinos would immediately cry foul and great injustice at the slightest hint of negativity thrown at our great nation and proud race, when we are practically god damn racist to the core ourselves... You dont believe me? ha! Hear me out

Im sure everybody still remembers that poor korean girl who was impersonating a "filipino english teacher" well although not funny even in a comedic sense, but do we really need to clip it, post it on you-tube and rally for simpathy on facebook demanding for a public apology? poor girl must've been scared shitless from the comments posted on the video which were of course, by the hand of our kababayans was a complete smorgasbord of anti-korean context. I'd do her... Yessssiiirrrreeeee! although off-topic!

Not yet convinced?

how many times have you been in a conversation about a chinese person AND.... I mother fucking guarantee it....100% of the time at some point of the conversation it'll go: "instik kasi eh!" whether were talking about their good sense of business, their inherent cheapness, or the known fact that that chinese person is dabbling in the art of illegal trading, he has already been pre-branded as such... "instik." Actually they prefer to be called "chinoys," because that's what they are: filipino-chinese! they take pride in being filipino and being chinese at the same time. The word "intsik" itself is offensive it means: "nothing," "zilch" or if my very limited knowledge of hokkien is correct.... "walang kwenta!" how we began to refer to them as such? I dont know... Maybe its the same reason we call indians "bumbay?" its a god damn city! are we really that dumb? They do have a very colorful culture and ive NEVER met an indian guy i never liked, they are very hardworking people something we very much share with them. Does the darker skin make them lesser beings? My highschool history teacher did have a pretty good theory: its the spanish conquistador's faults they hard wired our brains and society into thinking: white man - good, brown man - bad. That said... I have an even better theory on why we let the royal armada into our country and shit in our backyard for more than a hundred years... Its because of spanish women! What indio would not want a mestiza piece of ass during those times? again back to my point earlier about indians... That's what we were to the spaniards: indians!

Filipinos are not only racist to other peoples but racist to themselves as well. One good example: how many times have you heard somebody use "BISAYA!" in context that was very offensive? Its either your bisaya yourself or you live outside of metro manila if you havent heard somebody defile the word. but its been used many times to mean: baduy and even uneducated among other things. I guess manilenos who do this have never set foot in cebu... Which is a very beautiful and progressive place! People there are very warm, contented and laid back. Cebuanos dont care about the razzle-dazzle that goes around in manila they are happy to be so far from the mess. How i wish every filipino was bisaya... we would probably get more stuff done in congress if it was such.

Filipinos as a people suffer from a really bad case of inferiority complex, we simply arent proud to be filipino that's why we get so affected by teri hatcher asking for the credentials of her attending filipino physician. Weve been treated shit for so long thats all we ever know, how to be treated like shit and how to treat other people like shit. Our lack of racial pride... for me at least, is the cancer that has plagued our society for decades. We simply lack the capacity to act as a nation and even care for our fellow countrymen and most importantly for what we are!

I am definitely not saying i know better than everyone else, the reason im ranting now is maybe because im not so different after all!